Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Post coming soon...

Hello everyone - just a quick note to say that I plan to resume posting in May....and then hope to post once a week or every other week...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Intentional Time

I was reading an entry from Dane Sanders blog around Christmas time and listened to him and his wife talk about using your time intentionally - whether it is intentional family time, intentional work time, intentional quiet time, intentional cleaning the house time...That really struck me...not because I don't strive to be intentional with my time - but because every moment is not intentional. IT is so easy to get distracted and veer off course. We are only given so many moments in life, and I want to use them with fervor. I want to really have time with my kids where I am intentionally playing with them or doing school work with them or listening to them - and in the process, I want to ignore the phone, because it isn't talk on the phone time. I guess this is along the same lines as purposeful living - but for some reason breaking it down into time made it more specific for me.

This is something I really want to work on daily in this new year and forever. I know God does things with a specific intention and purpose in mind, maybe we don't know it right now, but He does.

I will not be blogging at all in the next 2 1/2 months. Just trying to get through the day, doing what I have to do, being intentional with my time, following a commitment I have made.

Hugs -

Thursday, January 3, 2008

How do we pray???

No - I am not making any New Year's Resolutions and posting them here for all to see. Honestly, I evaluate, make goals, reevaluate them and try again, all the time. I say all the time - because I never attain them, but I always want to get better at the same things. Being consistent with ANYTHING - my prayer life, time with God, exercise, eating habits, scheduled time, focused time with kids, discipline, cleaning, etc. I could go on and on. So - I am not making any new goals that I know I won't ever actually reach - but there are lots of things I am constantly trying to get better at and striving more to be like Christ daily. (I know there is that saying that "you will never reach your goal if you aren't aiming at anything." -but we usually know what we need to improve and I like to jot little things down in my calendar each week/month.)

Funny things my kids have said this week:

While my three year old was playing in the TOILET with her "little people" (Polly Pockets, Kelly dolls, Fisher Price people, etc), I tell her to quickly GET HER HANDS OUT OF THE TOILET - while she calmly replies - "But mommy, my people need an ocean to swim in." :)

She also told me at Qdoba last night that she wanted brown Sprite for her drink. We don't drink pop at home, so they are so excited to go out for kids night and get a little pop!

My older daughter woke up crying with a bad dream and couldn't sleep last night. She dreamed that we were at the zoo driving in daddy's truck. We went over a bump and she fell out of the back.....that is it. I am so sorry she was scared, but so thankful that that was the extent of her scary dream.

Christmas was really nice in our house - pretty healthy, the girls are at a great age, good to spend family time together. I know everyone's holiday wasn't full of fun and laughter, and I am genuinely sorry if you had a rough one. I know ours won't always be great, but I am thankful for this one and I pray that in some way you will be encouraged in this new year.

I was really convicted upon reading a blog entry from Bill Rudd. You can read the whole entry HERE. I honestly don't know this man, but stumbled across his blog at one point. I believe he is a pastor and I have really enjoyed reading his posts from time to time. Anyway, he is discussing prayer and how we tend to pray for good health for our kids, good friends, loving spouse, etc. - and that is nice, but is that really exactly how God wants us to pray? I know I can't explain it as eloquently as he did, so I have copied a portion of it.
Do I really want God to be glorified in the lives of our children no matter what it takes? Is the glory of God more important than the comfortableness of my family? Am I willing to pray that God would be honored even if it is through great suffering in the lives of those for whom I would gladly die to protect them from the slightest pain?

I’m struggling, but finding myself increasingly asking God to glorify Himself through our children and grandchildren and leaving the details of “how” to His infinitely wise, loving, and eternal plan. Of course I want them spared from pain, and often ask for that without sense of guilt or selfishness. But I find myself whispering what our Lord exampled for us, “Nevertheless not my will but Yours be done.”

“Lord teach me to pray and to love Your glory more than anything. Thank you for assuring me that you are always good and that you love my children more than I ever could.”
Definitely something to think about, pray about.