Saturday, October 27, 2007

Inside my head personal posts...

I have SOOOO much on my mind, but not much that I can share in any public forum. Some people that I care for and love have had the most horrifying week of their lives. Reputations have been shattered - possibly needlesly and unfoundedly (is that a word?)...families in peril...broken, shattered hearts. I know that goes on every day of every week - but not always in my small little world. It is very hard for me to process. But I KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that God is good ALL THE TIME.

Personally, my husband and I had a wonderful few days in Key Largo prior to the rough week. We spent some time away from the kids and reality. It was wonderful and relaxing. There isn't a whole lot to do around the area - but we played tennis, exercised, read, relaxed in the pool (they had 2 large pools and 2 hot tubs and we were the only ones there two of the days), went snorkeling, drove to Key West (but couldn't find a place to park and just went to the bathroom before driving back), ate yummy food, and just enjoyed spending time together and being free. Here is a picture of one of my favorite places we ate. It is called Marker 88 and was so peaceful and beautiful...on the water, live music, torches lit, delicious food - It was lovely.

We like to exercise and be healthy on vacation - not obsessively...but since we have been home, I have been a PIG - stress eating. Not good.

Okay - let me close with a picture I like from a recent senior session. I am not sure that I like it tilted, but for the most part I like the composition.

Here are just a few more...This guy is an awesome musical artist - sings and writes...Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tough five year old questions

So my daughter looked at me from across the desk today. Her eyes a little worried. She asked hesitantly, "Mom when are you going to die? Like - in a long, long, long, long....really long time? like a nanny or poppy? I just don't understand...that."

Yes, my heart sunk. After I picked it off the floor and refused to let my tear ducts open, we had a really great talk. We talked about how some mommies and daddies live to be nannies and poppies. But some other mommies and daddies get to go to heaven a little sooner. She shared with me how her favorite place in the whole world is heaven. We talked about how when we die - whoever dies first will just be waiting up in heaven for the rest of us. That is where we get to go because we love Jesus and He is our Saviour.

Man - tough questions - ones that make me really want to cry. Why? Because every parent has to have some fear of leaving their children before it is time...before it is our time - it may be God's time though. I just pray for complete trust in God in that area. It doesn't come naturally:). I am thankful, however, that I KNOW we will be together in heaven because of the willful choice we have made to be forgiven of our sins and to live for Christ.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sneak Peek

Love this family and had a great time snapping some pics of them!

Gotta love a mom of four boys!

dad and son...

the boys...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Blessings!!! usually unnoted!

Our family is finally feeling better. I still have a nagging cough - but we figured out what was wrong with kat with some abdominal xrays last weekend and kevin survived a bad back and we are on the mend!!! I wanted to share an awesome poem another mom wrote. I can't give her credit b/c I don't know her name (niemen?)!!! So if you wrote this, please tell me! It is such a good reminder of what matters and the proper attitude!

Counting Our Blessings

I'm blessed with a sink full of dirty dishes that greets me everyday and every evening without fail...
It means I have been able to put three meals a day on the table for 10 people.

I'm blessed with walls smudged with finger paint and carpet stiff with play-dough...
It means the happy hands of children have been creative.

I'm blessed that my favorite shopping spot is the bargain fabric table at WalMart, where the fabric sells for a dollar a yard...
It means I can make 8 beautiful Christmas outfits for all our children for under $15.

I'm blessed with a clothes drier, a microwave, and a dishwasher that all broke down within one week of one another...
It means we have a roof over our heads.

I'm blessed with the task of trying to find lost library books under the furniture, and occasionally paying over-due fines...
It means my children love to read.

I'm blessed with a hallway littered with a tangle of shoes of all sizes...
It means I have 16 walking, running, jumping, steady and joyful feet to put them on.

I'm blessed with the soft murmurs and hushed giggles of little girls staying up too late talking...
It means my daughters will always know the sweet joy of having sisters.

I'm blessed with two messy, loud, rambunctious, smelly, naughty little twin boys who came crashing unexpectedly into our lives...
It means my sons will always know the warmth and love of a brother.

I'm blessed with a husband who sometimes gets home late...
It means I have a husband who comes home.

I'm blessed with college students who drop by at all hours of the day and night, often with laundy in tow...
It means our ministry is touching hearts and lives for Jesus.

I'm blessed with a brood of children who constantly clamor for another baby to hold...
It means they must feel there is plenty of love to spare and therefore plenty of love to share.

I'm blessed with yet another home pregnancy test with a little pink plus sign...
It means that God has seen fit to breathe an eternal soul into a clump of cells and give us a new child to love.

I'm blessed by the daily comments of passer-by who inform me that my hands must be full...
They remind me that my heart is full as well.

I'm blessed to realize that the things that daily can exasperate and overwhelm me are the proof of God's unending love and faithfulness in our lives.

Count your blessings today!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

a little rough spot

above: heavy glass dining room light that just fell onto the table

above: French door in back of house that just shattered into a million pieces a few days ago

Since writing last, things haven't necessarily taken a turn for the better...yet. Do you ever wonder - Is God trying to teach me something? or Is Satan trying to discourage me? or Do I need to refocus? or All of the above? Anyway, I am feeling better for sure, but still not 100%. Still coughing and having a hard time sleeping.

Last week on Weds, I heard a loud thud - ran downstairs to see that our dining room table light "randomly" fell from the ceiling and onto the table. It is very heavy and glass and I am so thankful no one was sitting there! The next day, I heard a loud noise - ran downstairs to hear what sounded like a fire crackling - but is was actually my back door shattering within itself into a million pieces. A week later you can still hear the cracking. My nice neighbor came over and duck-taped it to brace it for now. The next day, my five-year old came home from school with a fever, diarrhea, vomiting for the night and severe stomach cramps. These cramps are still with us and kept Kat and I up from 12:45-5:15 this morning. I then couldn't get back to sleep from the coughing. It is going to be hard to get better without sleep! We took the little one to the doctor to make sure it wasn't appendicitis or something - her daddy's ruptured when he was 5. They were worried this morning and considered sending us to the Children's ER at the hospital - but thankfully they think it might just be gas and some blockage stuff. Sleep sure sounds good now! I know things will get better and this is just a little phase - a very small phase compared to what some people have to go through...but I am still tired.:) Thanking God for the fact that this little thing is our biggest thing right now.