Sunday, August 26, 2007

More fun than I thought...

I dread my kids growing older. I think all moms have a tad bit of that feeling in them. The dread that they won't need us or want us anymore. They won't think we are amazing and booteeful (as Meg calls me) and so smart. At least I don't know many teenagers who think their parents are "all that." Kat is five now and she is really able to do some fun things. I didn't think about this part of growing up. In the last two weekends, she has gone waverunning with us - she loved it and screamed and laughed the whole time! She rode several miles with us on a tandem bike - which I need to post pictures of. We rode to get ice cream and to the park last weekend and took both girls on a long path today and to a ropes course park - which they both climbed to the top or close to it. We got a seat for Meg (3 years old) and a ride and pedal behind for Kat and it is so worth it. She went bumper bowling last week too. Next week, I am taking her rock climbing. I like this stage. She still likes us and thinks we know everything, but she is more independent (not too independent though:)

Praying that you can enjoy whatever stage it is that you are in.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa

We just took a days drive to visit Grandma and Grandpa - visited Sesame Place - stayed two days with them visiting them in the nursing home/independent living home - and drove home a day. It wasn't easy per se...but was good. We don't do long drives that often, but God allowed us to have a wonderful car trip. I get really anxious in the car and He provided wonderful weather, pain management for my husband's back ,and wonderful behavior from the kids. We got lost many times but were able to work through it and learn patience.

Sesame Place was hot and crowded, but ultimately we enjoyed ourselves...probably could have spent $200 in a better way, but enjoyed more time together. The best 15 seconds was on the big water slide when my three year old screamed out "This is fun daddy!"

We visited Grandma in the nursing care facility. (Which by the way, is wonderful...great meals, very patient and gentle staff...) Initially her speech was slurred and she was very thin and frail...but she had two really good alert days with us. She took three walks in PT at one point and worked hard. She is a real trooper...not sure that I would want to push through the pain at 86 years old. She hadn't eaten in 5 days - and ate a few meals while we were there. Her stomach is too sensitive to pain medication, so she is off all of it (Can you imagine have a broken hip just repaired, a broken vertebrae, and knee that needs to be replaces and lots of arthritis and having no pain medication?) She needs help getting dressed and going to the restroom but she really tried to keep a good attitude. She wanted the girls to see her at her best.

Watching her and my Grandpa interact at this point in their life was breathtaking. Grandpa is staying downstairs in the Independent Living area of the facility while she is upstairs with the long term nursing care or rehabilitation. He visits her frequently in his scooter. When he leaves, he uses a lot of energy to move off the scooter, carry his oxygen, balance with his artificial leg, reach across her bed to kiss her and then tell her he loves her. They have been married 60 years. Those times were real tear jerkers.

When we left, my 5 year old prayed for her and Grandpa. I held Grandma in my hands, kissed her cheek and told her I loved her and we were proud of her. I do and we are. I covered her up in her bed and wondered if after we left, she would slip away to heaven in her sleep. She didn't - but had to be on oxygen for some of the day - first time for that.

Getting old isn't easy. There is only so much we can control. Our body breaking down is inevitable. I am praying that you can know the peace of God and have hope through Him and what He did for you on the cross when you reach that point in your life. I am praying for peace for Grandma and Grandpa and salvation for Grandpa.

Here are just a few pictures from the few days we were gone:
Nanny and Kat doing OT together...

Poppy and Meg on the scooter:

Kat and Abby Cadaby:

My Baby

fell on her face! Yikes!

Monday, August 6, 2007

1955 Article - SO FUNNY!

This is SO FUNNY! IT was an actual article posted in Good Housekeeping. Click on the article to see more clearly and large enough to read. My how times have changed:).

Friday, August 3, 2007

More Vacation Pics...

Both girls were swimming by the time we left - so that was really nice! The little one keeps her eyes WIDE open under water the whole time. It is quite funny!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pictures from trip

It has been a week since we returned from our wonderful vacation and I guess it is time for me to get back into reality. I remember this feeling when school would start every year and we had to start getting up early and it was so hard at the beginning.

The kids have been excited to be home but have asked many times if we can go back to the Beach House. Kevin and I decided to do a little detox to cleanse our systems from all the junk we have had the last six months. We have done The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet: Boost metabolism, get rid of fattening toxins, safely lose up to 8 pounds overnight and keep them off for good a few times before. It is really an eleven day program. It is basically cutting out gluten, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, moldy foods, etc. - then a one day fast - then three days of building back good bacteria into your system with regular food.

Okay - here are some pics. I'll show some today and some tomorrow. (I posted them at low resolution and am not sure if this is too many - let m know if there are any problems!)

the views from our condo

at the aquarium

my handsome and sweet brother who is still single by the way:)

the amazing sunsets from our porch

on the other side of the sunset...a rainbow!