Monday, December 3, 2007

A few more cute little kid sayings...

My five year old was playing with her dollhouse today. She was pretending that the mommy had a baby in her tummy and the doctor was coming to visit. I heard the mommy say to the doctor, "Today while I was outside playing, I fell and scraped my knee. That is how the baby got into my tummy." Ha - if only it were that easy:)

The littler one was telling me that she needed to "learn" me how to stretch like she did in ballet class. She told Kevin later tonight that I "learned" her how to button her buttons on her shirt.

I wish in twenty years I could just replay all of these cute little things I know I will forget!!!

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Davina said...

Your girls sound so cute. I love that you have shared what they've been saying. I always tell myself I should write down what they say since one of them says something hilarious or insightful everyday. Thanks for sharing!